December 2nd, 2019


Конец молчания

Лиса Пейдж, бывший работник ФБР и специалист по российской организованной преступности, которая стала объектом нескончаемых нападок Трампа и его защитников, решила прервать молчание.

Does it feel like a trauma? “It is. I wouldn’t even call it PTSD because it’s not over. It’s ongoing. It’s not a historical event that is being relived. It just keeps happening.”
And it’s still going on? “I mean, he tweeted about me four days ago,” she told me on Nov. 18. “When Roger Stone got convicted, he asked, why isn’t Page in jail too? Not to mention, you know, his truly reprehensible, degrading stunt at his rally, in which he used my name to simulate an orgasm. And I don’t ever know when the president’s going to attack next. And when it happens, it can still sort of upend my day. You don’t really get used to it.”

Песня "Quiet" спонтанно превратилась в гимн Марша женщин в январе 2017.

But no one knows me no one ever will
if I don't say something, if I just lie still
Would I be that monster, scare them all away
If I let them hear what I have to say
I can't keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
I can't keep quiet, no oh oh oh oh oh oh
A one woman riot, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I can't keep quiet
For anyone

Collapse )