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Борьба с коррупцией

Фильм "Laundromat" Стивена Содерберга привлек голливудских звезд первой величины, чтобы в художественной форме отобразить разоблачения панамских бумаг про международные прачечные для отмывания денег.

Борьба с этим явлением движется, но медленно. В Палате представителей приняли Corporate Transparency Act, который наносит удар по международным жуликам и казнокрадам, обязывая подставные компании раскрывать владельцев.

“For too long, we’ve allowed dictators and kleptocrats to hide their stolen wealth in shell companies and real estate on American soil. Our lax rules have enabled these corrupt foreign actors to escape accountability and even to buy political influence in our country. Requiring companies to disclose their beneficial ownership is one of the strongest steps we can take to advance democracy abroad and protect it at home.”

“There is no better way for America to stand up for people suffering under repressive regimes around the world than by cutting off their corrupt leaders’ ability to launder money through shell companies and real estate on American soil.”

Пока Трамп в Белом доме, а Сенат в руках деятеля по прозвищу Moscow Mitch, не приходится надеяться, что этот закон увидит свет.

Главный автор законопроекта, Каролин Малони из Нью-Йорка, была представителем Трампа в Конгрессе, когда тот жил в Trump Tower. Ныне она возглавила комиссию по надзору.

“We are confident that Congresswoman Maloney’s leadership will help ensure that the Congress can function as our Founders intended, as a co-equal branch acting as a check and balance on the others, and that our Democratic Majority can continue to achieve progress For The People.”

Английский журналист Edward Luce подсказывает, что среди американских кандидатов в президенты шанс обратить внимание на проблему прачечных для отмывания денег есть у Элизабет Уоррен.

"Here is what a better Warren campaign would argue — or indeed any White House contender who is serious about reviving US democracy and fighting global authoritarianism.
Shining a light on dirty money flows would pose a greater risk to autocracies than five new US aircraft carriers
America is the largest dirty money haven in the world. Its illicit money flows dwarf that of any other territory, unless you treat Britain and its offshore tax havens as one. The US Treasury estimates that $300bn is laundered annually in America. This is probably a fraction of the true number. Worse, the US government has no idea who controls the companies that channel the money because America lacks a corporate central registry.
There is no law in America requiring disclosure of “beneficial ownership”. US banks must report suspicious activity. But law firms, real estate companies, art sellers, incorporated enterprises and non-bank financial institutions are exempt.
Those hoping to clamp down on money laundering are thus heavily outgunned by lobbyists for the status quo. Mrs Warren should point out that the US system offers a red carpet for dirty money. Furthermore, autocrats in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere could not thrive without the connivance of America’s suite of service providers."

Уоррен ранее говорила про связь коррупции с авторитаризмом.

"But here’s the thing about authoritarian governments — they are rotten from the inside out. Authoritarian leaders talk a big game — about nationalism, and patriotism, and how they — and they alone — can save the state and the people.
But the authoritarian system is rotten, because, by its very design, it stacks the deck for the wealthy and it depends on corruption in order to survive.
Vladimir Putin attacks the free press and thumps his chest about the power of Russia, but his real power comes from state-run corporations conveniently overseen by his friends and cronies. Corruption.
In China, President Xi consolidates his power and talks about the “China Dream,” while state-owned and state-influenced corporations make millionaires out of friends and family of Communist party elites. Corruption.
From Hungary to Turkey, from the Philippines to Brazil, wealthy elites work together to grow the state’s power while the state works to grow the wealth of those who remain loyal to the leader. That’s corruption, pure and simple.
This combination of authoritarianism and corrupt capitalism is a fundamental threat to democracy, both here in the United States and around the world.
It is a threat because economic corruption knows no borders — and in a global economy, corruption can provide a strategic advantage.
It is a threat because corrupt leaders enhance their own power by subverting the power of everyone else — and so they actively undermine free and open societies through cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, or support for illiberal politicians.
If free societies like ours slide toward corruption and autocracy, they risk becoming democracies in name only."

Конкретно про отмывание денег ей еще предстоит высказаться.

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