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Брюс Ор, высокопоставленный сотрудник Минюста, стал очередной жертвой нападок Трампа и его приспешников. Сегодня Ор давал закрытые показания в Конгрессе.

Republicans have raised questions about Ohr’s contacts with Steele and Ohr’s wife Nellie, who worked for Fusion. Lawmakers and staff in the room said Ohr was accompanied by a handful of attorneys, including a personal lawyer and counsel for the Justice Department.
At least seven GOP lawmakers — members of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees — attended as well: Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy, John Ratcliffe, Darrell Issa, Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs. No Democratic lawmakers were on hand, but staffers of both parties attended.


В вину Ору становится его знакомство с Кристофером Стилом, а также то, что его жена работает в компании Fusion GPS, нанявшей Стила. Но похоже, что основной виной Ора, бывшего начальника отдела борьбы с организованной преступностью, является его знакомство с российскими ОПГ и в частности Семеном Могилевичем.

When a lawyer for one of Russia’s most powerful reputed crime bosses arrived at F.B.I. headquarters one day around 2006, he wanted to cut a deal. The Russian, Semion Y. Mogilevich, had been indicted three years earlier by the department on charges of defrauding a company outside Philadelphia out of $150 million and could not travel for fear of arrest.
As the lawyer made his pitch, a supervising F.B.I. agent and a senior career Justice Department official, Bruce G. Ohr, both listened intently, according to a former bureau official who described the meeting. The case was significant for American law enforcement. It had made headlines and laid the groundwork for Justice Department efforts to combat Russian organized crime overseas.
Finally, the F.B.I. agent spoke. No deal, he said; Mr. Mogilevich must surrender. Mr. Ohr said little, but his unwillingness to negotiate was signal enough: The Justice Department would not compromise with the Russian mafia.


В многостраничном докладе ФБР 1996 г. упоминалась связь Могилевича с обитателями Trump Tower Япончиком (Иваньковым) и Тайваньчиком (Тохтахуновым).

The Mogilevich Organization is tied to two other major OC groups – the Vyacheslav Ivankov Organization and the Solntsevskaya Organization – and also to Euroasian crime figures Monya Elson and Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov. Their operations and contacts overlap in some instances, as evidenced by meetings, joint investments, and silent partnerships in firms engaged in OC activity.

Упомянутый криминальный авторитет Моня Эльсон (известный также, как Моня Кишиневский, Мендель и Меченый) отзывался о Могилевиче уважительно.

”He’s the most powerful mobster in the world,” crows Monya Elson, who is listed in classified documents as one of Mogilevich’s closest associates and partners in prostitution and money laundering rings. The Brighton Beach­based Elson, who once led a pack of thugs and killers known as Monya’s Brigada, is currently in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan awaiting trial for three murders and numerous extortions.
In July 1993, after Elson was grievously wounded by rival mobsters in a bloody shoot-out outside his Brooklyn apartment building, Mogilevich spirited him out of the country. Mogilevich then set up his Russian Jewish refugee friend in an alleged massive money-laundering scheme in Fano, Italy, where he was eventually arrested and extradited back to America. Elson, an integral part of the Red Mafia, had been one of the most feared mobsters in Brighton Beach, ground zero for Russian organized crime in America, which has exploded here following perestroika.
”If I tell on Mogilevich, Interpol will give me $20 million,” boasted Elson. ”I lived with him. I’m his partner, don’t forget. We are very, very close friends. I don’t mean close, I mean very, very close. He’s my best friend.” Nevertheless, after extensive interviews over the course of the last six months, Elson ultimately confirmed some of the details about Mogilevich contained in the classified FBI and Israeli documents.
Allegations of Mogilevich’s devilish array of criminal activities are extensively detailed in the reports:The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art. His contract hit squads operate in the U.S. and Europe. He controls everything that goes in and out of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, a ”smugglers’ paradise,” says Elson. Mogilevich bought a bankrupt airline in a former Central Asian Soviet republic for millions of dollars in cash so he could haul heroin out of the Golden Triangle. Most worrisome to U.S. authorities is Mogilevich’s apparently legal purchase of virtually the entire Hungarian armaments industry, jeopardizing regional security, NATO, and the war against terrorism.


Моня Эльсон начинал свою криминальную карьеру, работая на вора-в-законе Евсея Агрона, убитого в 1985. Штаб-квартирой российской мафии в это время служил клуб El Caribe, которым владел дядя Майкла Коэна.

According to published reports, in the 70s and early 80s, the boss of the Russian mob in New York (and for practical purposes the whole U.S) was a man named Evsei Agron. Things ended badly for Agron when was gunned down in a mob hit in 1985. After Agron was assassinated, his organization was taken over by under-boss Marat Balagula. Authorities believed Balagula was behind Agron’s killing. But he was never charged with the crime. Balagula ran things until 1991 when he was convicted of gasoline bootlegging. Nayfeld had been the bodyguard and enforcer for both Agron and Balagula, one would say more successfully in the latter case than the former. He took over the organization when Balagula went to prison.
What I didn’t realize until now is that both Agron and his successor Balagula ran their operations out of an office in the El Caribe social club. So the El Caribe wasn’t just a mob hangout. From the 70s through the 90s at least, the bosses of the Russian mafia in the U.S. literally ran their crime organization out of the El Caribe.
So Michael Cohen’s uncle Morton Levine’s social club was the headquarters of Russian organized crime in the U.S.


Что касается Семена Могилевича, то в лихие 1990ые он перенес центр своих операций в Венгрию, откуда ему впоследствие пришлось бежать в Россию, спасаясь от расследования ФБР.

Из выступления Роберта Мюллера, директора ФБР, в Будапеште, май 2005 г.:

Right here in Budapest, Ukranian-born Semion Mogilevich established the headquarters of his powerful organized crime enterprise. The group engaged in drug and weapons trafficking, prostitution, and money laundering, and organized stock fraud in the United States and Canada in which investors lost over 150 million dollars.
As soon as the Task Force began investigating his activities, Mogilevich realized he could no longer use Budapest as his base of operations. He immediately fled the country, and is now hiding in Moscow. Working closely with Hungarian authorities, United States prosecutors obtained a 45-count indictment against Mogilevich and three other criminals, charging them with money laundering, securities fraud, and racketeering.


В том же году о связях Могилевича с российскими спецслужбами ("Лубянской преступной группировкой") рассказал итальянскому исследователю Марио Скарамелло Александр Литвиненко. В ноябре 2005 он оставил запись об этом разговоре.

Mr Litvinenko identifies himself in the tape as a “former KGB and FSB officer” and explains that he had been providing Mr Scaramella with intelligence on a number of individuals – including Mogilevich, who remains today on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list.
“Mogilevich have good relationship with Putin since 1994 or 1993,” he claims.
“Semion Mogilevich is best person who is wanted FBI. And Semion Mogilevich has contact with Al Qaeda. Semion Mogilevich sell weapons, sell weapons to Al Qaeda. Before I gave a lot of information about Mogilevich to Mario Scaramella.”


На записке, которую позже опубликовал Скарамелло, рукой Литвиненко нарисована стрелка от Могилевича к Путину: https://www.panorama.it/news/esteri/scaramella-verita-litvinenko/

Через год Литвиненко был убит, возможно именно из-за этого.

До этого его информация о связях Могилевича с Путиным и спецслужбами подтвердилась другой записью - разговора Игоря Смешко, начальника военной разведки, а ныне - руководителя Комитета по вопросам разведки при президенте Украины, с президентом Украины Кучмой в 2000 г.

Кучма: Та понятно. Он [Могилевич] купил дачу в Москве, приезжает…
Смешко: Он уже получил паспорт. Причем, паспорт на другое имя в Москве. А в Москве его уровень… Когда выборы были президента – не эти, а предыдущие, Коржаков [начальник личной охраны Ельцина] послал двух полковников к Могилевичу в Будапешт, чтобы получить компрометирующие данные на человека, потому что в тот момент при тех выборах еще надо было придержать до команды Коржакова. Я знаю, кто давал это задание. Он [Могилевич] сам не встретился. «Лейтенант» его организации, Король, встретился с этими двумя полковниками и дал им по «Нордексу» документы. У него сильнейшая служба аналитическая разведки, у Могилевича. Но сам Могилевич, сам Могилевич – это особо ценный агент КГБ, ПГУ (Первое главное управление КГБ, внешняя разведка) причем. Когда Могилевича хотели… Когда распался Союз, еще не было управления «К» УКГБ. Когда по Могилевичу один полковник хотел – он отставник, у нас здесь живет – когда он попытался его арестовать, ему так дали по мозгам, сказали: «Не лезь! Это номенклатура ПГУ». У нас ПГУ не было. У него связи с Чубайсом. У него, в общем…


Могилевич продолжал находится в розыске ФБР, как один из "Top Ten Most Wanted", с обещанной наградой в $100 тысяч за информацию, которая бы привела к его аресту: https://web.archive.org/web/20150905191901/https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/semion-mogilevich/mogilevich-russian

Его имя убрали из списка в 2015, отчаявшись на возможность экстрадиции из России.

Материал Сета Хеттены про Могилевича заканчивается уместной цитатой из Джона Маккейна:

Mogilevich is part of the story, the tragedy really, of modern Russia.
Russia is a country rich in natural resources. It has great wealth below the ground. Above ground the wealth is shared by a small number of individuals who were close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Putin allowed this select few to enrich themselves by siphoning billions out of the country’s natural gas and oil fields, its steel and nickel mills, its fertilizer plants, the state railroads, and many more industries. In return for unimaginable wealth, these oligarchs pledged absolute fealty to Putin.
This is an operation that Mogilevich knew very well. Enriching yourself and your friends in exchange for loyalty — that’s the job of a Mafia Don. Which is exactly what Putin is.
As Sen. John McCain told late night host Seth Meyers, Russia is a “a gas station run by a mafia that is masquerading as a country.”


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